Thursday, June 30, 2011

Joshua 11

I find the next few chapters a bit hard to write about. There's a lot of which towns and cities were destroyed. But I will try to write about what I get out of them anyway.

In chapter 11 it begins with the king of Hazor hearing about how the Israelites have wiped out the five kings who came against Gibeonites, who had made a treaty, a deceptive treaty, but a treaty none the less. Joshua and the people wipe them out and then gone on to wipe out a bunch of other cities. Well the result is the same. Joshua hears that the king of Hazor is gathering some other kings to come and attack. God's response is, "don't worry about them. By this time tomorrow they will all be dead."

That is how it is for us. Satan continues to attack us as we are doing what God has asked us to do, posses the land or something that seems a little less major. Sometimes we don't know the attack is coming and other times we hear about it. Regardless if we know it's coming or not God says, "don't worry about it." He has already won the victory!

And of course the story goes on to say that they defeated the Hazor king and the others who came out with him. Then Joshua goes on to take the whole country. We don't need to just defeat satan when he attacks us, we can go on the offensive, like Joshua, and take the enemies territory for the Lord.

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