Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Exposing the Lies

Sometimes I get something from God and have to keep it just for me. Sometimes I get something from God and I know I have to share immediately. Then times like now, when God gives me something and I have to wait to share it.

A few months ago I felt led to pray for Truth to be revealed. It wasn't long before things started happening, ugly things and I felt overwhelmed by them. I went to God and said, "Lord, I asked You to reveal Truth. What is happening?"

His response, "I have to expose the lies in order to reveal the Truth."

It seems like a no-brainer now, but at the time it was a very enlightening statement. Today I had a conversation and shared what God had told me. I went all these months with this truth and not feeling that I was supposed to share, and today it was obvious that it was the moment to share it.

I have to admit some of the ugly things, the lies and such had taken a backseat. I actually thought that maybe they had been dealt with. I still prayed for Truth, but it I wasn't getting resistance. What I didn't realize was that it was festering under the surface. It seems it is poised to rear it's ugly head again.

I feel a bit apprehensive about it. I feel like a serious battle is about to be unleashed. That is a little daunting! I feel a little bit like a warrior about to go into battle. I felt like I was the only one standing up before, but now I know that I am not. Together with others I will continue to stand, pray, and fight for Truth.


Saturday, February 7, 2015

The Big Cat Is Ready To Kill

Through tears I write this post. It is minutes before 3:00 am, but I knew I needed to write this. I cry for a few reasons.

I just woke up from a dream. In this dream I wanted to give someone a gift. I looked and looked for something special, but had such a hard time finding the right thing. I finally found a small trinket, actually a carved, wooden acorn. I purchased it for her and then I saw the cat. He was a big cat, not a big house cat, but a big cat. He looked so sad and I thought, "I'll rescue him." So I bought him.

A man placed him in the back of my car where my dog and one of my cats were. I tried to create barriers between them and him, but they would have easily been knocked over. Then my friendly cat decided he wanted to be friends with the big cat. He maneuvered passed the barrier and tried to snuggle. The big cat killed him right before my eyes. I grabbed my poor cat away from it and cradled him in my arms. I kept saying, "I'm so sorry! I knew better!" Then mercifully I woke up.

Immediately I started to call on Jesus, and as the tears rolled I leaned over to my kitty and kissed his sweet head. Then he got up and started to love on me, head butts and all. In that moment I knew the truth about that dream, and what I needed to do. That's why I'm up at this hour writing this post.

About 10 years ago, I heard God tell me that the woman of God are next. He told me that the acceptance of dirty joke and free talk about porn meant that satan had succeeded to destroy men. Obviously not all men, but men as a whole have stopped hiding their addiction and now proudly boast about it. Watch almost any comedy and it is laced with innuendo and blatant references to sex and porn. They've already accepted the big cat and watched it destroy, but said, "oh well, I like the big cat anyway." God told me that once that happens satan's next target is the women.

Now, women have had racy novels for years, but they didn't tell others they read them. They were read behind closed doors and in secret. Today that is no longer the case. Yesterday I saw on the news, the news, not some entertainment show, a reporter interviewing women who had already seen an upcoming movie. These women ranged from young to ones with fake red hair.You know the ladies who hair is really white, but they think the red dye will somehow fool someone into thinking they are younger than there 60+ years. I was trying to not hear or see this interview, so the TV was muted and I had already hit the button to change the channel. Unfortunately, my TV takes a moment before changing channels. I saw their faces and knew what they were saying by them. It broke my heart! It confirmed that the big cat has come in and is about to kill, and these women can't even perceive his intent. Satan is succeeding.

Last year, I felt the Lord tell me that I was to warn some of my friends. I told one of them, an was shocked when I was met with accusations and honestly, ugliness. I was told I was judgmental. I was told that as long as God hadn't convicted her about it that it was fine. I was made to be the bad guy and the topic was not to be discussed. My heart still aches that I wasn't in a place where I could stand up against that and still speak the truth. It grieves me that even though I shared what I could I was pushed into a corner and told to be silent. Even before I shared with my group of friends, up until minutes before, she tried to derail me from even speaking. I had a veil lifted that day, and knew that the end of me being apart of that group was coming.

I sit here tonight crying for the women I call Friend who have read the books and celebrated it. For the ones who have been soaking in the media hype of an upcoming movie as if it were a Calgon-take-me-away event. I grieve that satan is getting ready for a victory lap because he found it so much easier to pull women in since the men have already fallen. It's like Eve all over again. Adam just stood by and let the enemy manipulate his wife. Men, even men of faith, stand by and let satan toy with their wives, sisters, mothers, and daughters and they say nothing. I grieve because when God told me this was coming, He also said who was next, the children. I grieve that I have remained shut down and silent on this extremely important issue. I have let the big cat get too close to people I care about, and I know the flimsy barrier created between them is about to devour them. I grieve who the big cat will seduce next.

Call me judgmental, call me a prude, call me out-of-touch. I no longer care! I saw in that dream what the big cat does to anyone who tries to befriend it, and it has shaken me to my core. I have seen what it has done to man and I am watching the story unfold before my eyes with women. I hope that I never see him succeed with the next group, but I can honestly say he has already been at work for a long time. He's just waiting for it to become more acceptable, and then he can raise his hands high as he does that victory lap too.

I would love to Pollyanna the end of this post, but I know that I am not meant to. I do pray that the words will take root in your hearts, and the truth will grow there. I pray that the truth will grow to your eyes and the veil will be lifted. I pray that the truth will seep into your heart and burst forth within you. I pray you will realize the big cat is about to kill you or someone you love, and you will fight, protect, and run from him before he can.

I love you, even those of you who read my blog that I do not know. Please hear my heart for you.


Thursday, February 5, 2015

Chaos or Subtle?

Last week I was feeling a lot of stress. My class is wonderful and a joy to teach, so I knew it wasn't related to them. I have a good relationship with their parents, so not that either. The marking period had just ended and report cards were done, so I was relieved not stressed about that. I haven't had any issues with anyone. I just couldn't figure out what was causing the stress. All I knew for sure was I was exhausted, no matter how much sleep I was getting. I carry my tension in my shoulders and they felt so tight I was starting to feel like a hunchback. I was stressed and had no idea why, until I had a couple of dreams.

In the first dream I was living in a bright, neat home (now that neat part is definitely a dream!). It was just me and my Riley Girl. We kept coming home and finding little things moved. I was confused but just thought I moved it and just forgot. Then one day we came home and something that didn't belong to me was laying in the middle of the living room floor. It was a small shower head (I don't get that part). I picked up and then I woke up. Right away I heard God tell me that it was about satan. I'll explain more later.

The second dream was vastly different. It was full of chaos. Everywhere I went  I was met by confrontation. Everything I tried was attacked. It was a dark and cluttered everywhere I was. I felt such frustration and was completely overwhelmed by it. When I woke up I once again felt God speak to me about the way satan works.

Now, what I heard from God. He told me that satan works one of two ways. He told me that he has to approach people differently. Those who aren't vigilant and just think everything is bright and easy are easily tricked by him. He really doesn't have to work that hard to mess with their lives. He brings something minor into their life, something that seems harmless but isn't. He twists a truth just a little bit and people don't even realize it isn't even truth anymore. He sits back with his feet up and just watches as the little thing slowly eats away at the person and destroys them.

The other way is actually for the ones who are watchful. He can't just be subtle with them. He has to throw an all-out assault at them.He tries to thwart every thing they do. He knows he has to pull out all the stops. Think Job. He killed his children, destroyed his livelihood, turned his wife against him, and gave him boils. Job had his eyes on God and he had to be attacked to the fullest of satan's power. Remember God to do what he wanted, but he couldn't kill him. So he did. Sometimes this approach has been successful for him, so he keeps using it.

I realized that it wasn't really stress that I was experiencing. I realized that I wasn't being vigilant, and God was warning me. I haven't been praying for my class and my school the way He had asked me to. I started the year off great, but I had become slack. I wasn't spending the time with Him that I need to. I was just looking at all the good stuff and was not watchful. Since then I have begun to pray more and stand in the gap for my children and my school. I have spent more time with Him, but more importantly that time is deeper rather than longer. I am being more vigilant and feel less stress and my sleep has been more restful. Maybe the chaos is to come, but I'd rather that then be blindsided.