Sunday, January 4, 2015

Preparing My Fields For Rain

The other day I was checking out what was on TV and I saw Fireproof was about to start. I have seen the movie a couple of times, but never from the beginning. During a commercial the station said that Facing the Giants and Courageous were coming up. I really like Facing the Giants and have never seen Courageous so I looked forward to watching them.Okay, I had to dvr Courageous since I was too tired to stay up to midnight when it would be done. I did however, watch Facing the Giants.

One of the things I like about Facing the Giants is that I feel like God speaks to me through it. Since Fireproof is about marriage and Courageous is about fatherhood I mostly just enjoy them. Facing the Giants is different, the lessons from the movie can speak to anyone. One of the messages that really spoke to me was the story of the farmers. Watch the scene. 

Facing the Giants,Youtube clip

I really believed that God was speaking this same message to me. I feel that He is telling me to prepared my fields to receive rain. So each day since watching the movie I have been doing at least one thing that I believe is preparation. Number one thing I do each day is embrace me. I have never been very good about loving the me that God created. I believe that God has asked me to embrace the me that He created me to be. Instead of focusing on what I want changed about me I am focusing on the things that I like about me. Are there things that need to change? Yes, some of those are the things I need to do to prepare my fields. I used to want to change everything all at once and got discouraged because it doesn't work that way. That's why I try to do one thing each day to prepare. There have been days and will be days when I can do more than one thing. 

I am excited to see what His rain will look like in my life, and I certainly want to be ready for it!