Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Counting Dead Fish part 1

Have to admit and "eww" came out of my mouth when I read the title of this chapter. Then I was excited to find out what those dead fish could be about.

I to confess that the calling of the disciples confuses me. It seems like some are called in different ways from one gospel to the next. In this chapter, is the story from Luke that tells about when Peter, he was still Simon then, was out fishing and they didn't catch anything. Jesus comes along and tells them to try again. Peter protests but he does it, and then they bring up nets full of fish. Then he falls on his face and says, "depart from me for I am a sinful man."

Peter had just witness Jesus heal his mother-in-law, heal the sick, and drive out demons. It wasn't the first time he saw the power of Jesus. The author, Mark Buchanan, believes this is when Peter realized that Jesus was calling him to follow him. Peter realizes that Jesus didn't do this to promote his business. He wasn't going to be apart of Peter's life to do miracles for him. Jesus was calling Peter to follow Him. To promote His business. To be a part of His work.

Jesus may come into our daily lives and fills up our nets. We might get a promotion at work, a new home, a new car, or a raise. Our response is usually "Thank you Lord, depart from me." We are thankful but we want to hold onto what he gave us. We want to enjoy our blessing. But if we need our nets full again we will be glad to let him back to fill them up.

Recently I bought a new house. It was a long wait and I truly believe that it is a gift from God. I was in my house for only a few days and realized that the house didn't bring me joy. I love this house! I am thankful for this house! But I know this house is a gift. I know that living here is more about Him than me. I believe He will use this house. I look forward to seeing how. Is that frightening? Will He ask me to leave my comfort zone? Yes and Yes, but I want to follow Him.

If Peter had refused to follow Him he would have been left counting dead fish. If I refuse I will be left to count dead fish. Yeah, I hate fishing so counting dead fish doesn't appeal to me.

There is so much more in this chapter. I would love to share, so I guess there'll be a part 2 of this chapter too. :)

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