Friday, April 14, 2017

Nightly Bible Reading

There have been times when I felt guilty for not writing more in this blog. I just reread my last post, way back in September of last year, and now I remember why I haven't written. It hasn't been a time when God has gone quiet, but rather one where the messages were just for me. There have been a few that I have shared on Facebook, but nothing I felt like needed to be posted here. Until last night.

Last night I restarted my Bible reading at night  before bed. I have tried the "read-it-first-thing-in-the-morning" Bible reading that so many insist is the way to do it. I have gained many nuggets of wisdom from doing it, but most times it feel into the "what-I-need-to-do-before-work" routine. Many times it felt rushed and like a check off on the daily list.

Before that I had always been a before bed Bible reader. Many times my spiritual attacks would come at night. Night terrors being one of the worst. I would wake up terrified that someone was in the room, or just outside my window, looking in and even recording me. On more than one occasion, I have walked my property and prayed against any foul spirit presence and ability to enter. One time I caused a couple of people to puzzle "why they would return?" I actually smiled as they mused, because I believe satan continues to send his forces up against those who he sees as dangerous. Think of Jesus. The religious leaders didn't keep trying to trick Him up on the Law or seek other ways to discredit Him because He wasn't taking many of satan's clients away. He was and satan knew he had to wreck havoc on His ministry if he was to successfully keep his clientele of sinners from turning to God.

Now I'm not saying I'm Jesus, or anywhere near to Him, but the principle is the same. Satan doesn't want to see anyone thrive in Christ. He doesn't want to see anyone minister to others through Christ. He wants to stop any and all advances of God's Kingdom. If you are feeling attacked, stop and think about what you are doing. Are you practicing your faith; serving others; sharing God with others; or any similar steps to increase His Kingdom? Then smile, and pray against the attacks of satan, but expect him to come back and try to attack. But be watchful! He may use the exact same attack, but more times than not, he seeks a different way to attack, a less obvious one. I believe that is one of the reasons for the Proverbs 4:23 "Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it." Satan seeks ways into your heart, so he can destroy who you are and how you will touch others to expand God's Kingdom.

Okay, this is not why I started writing this post, but I guess it was the message God wanted me to share first. I will write another post for John 11 and post it later. I will however, state that for me, nightly Bible reading has always been the time when I gained the most through the Word, as well as when I needed it to help me through my personal rough stretches that come some nights. I definitely slept well last night. :)

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