Wednesday, October 5, 2011


So, I have this little problem. I have a little clutter problem. Some might say it's more than little. :)

I have plenty of excuses for the stuff. I'm a teacher and we have a weird sort of thing that we "may need that someday for some lesson". I've moved a lot and right before the move I run out of time to go through stuff so it just gets put in a box. I'm too tired after work to clean up. I could go on and on, but I won't.

I have felt God telling me to get rid of the stuff. I have been working on it. I could be working harder and faster. Some times I just need a reminder to get at what God is telling me to do. Yesterday morning I got two of them.

The first was waking up to the clock radio. It is set to a music station but at 5 AM there is a FamilyLife Today program on. These are the words I woke up to...

"As a single woman, you can accept so many different opportunities at work. Before you know it, you are completely fried because you didn‟t have the built-in boundaries that you might have when you get married. So, right now is a great opportunity for you to go ahead and establish personally, "What are my Sabbath boundaries going to be?"—boundaries, not only in your calendar, but boundaries also in your living space. I mean, you can accumulate so much stuff to where your home isn‟t inviting and isn‟t a place of peace anymore. You are enslaved in your living space. You can't really enjoy anything because you have too much of everything. If you don‟t personalize these boundaries, then you won't have anything to carry you over into the next season of life, as well."

Ummm, I might be thick but that spoke loud and clear....seriously those were the first words I heard. Then I got up and did the normal routine, let the dog out; feed all the furry babies; check Facebook (that part is so sad!) and here's what I saw on there.

"He wants us... to open our eyes and be fully aware & engaged in what He’s doing in this particular season of our lives." -Priscilla Shirer
The funny part is it was Priscilla Shirer who was speaking on the radio too. So I put the laptop down and prayed that God would help me to clear out the clutter. I don't have the desire to clear it out so I need Him to help. I believe He will!


jamlea68 said...

=)I have the opposite problem...with 3 boys..I am constantly throwing stuff out, or I'd be over-run in no time..It never fails soon as I throw it of them needs it desperately...*sigh

CMFMonroe said...

I love it when the Lord speaks and you know it even when you do not like what He says. I will help you go through stuff if you like.
Trash, Goodwill/Give Away and Keep (in a dedecated place).