Monday, October 31, 2011


Lately I have been thinking of the story of the Prodigal Son. (Luke 15:11-32) The youngest son demands his share of the inheritance and goes off to a far away land. He spends all his money, famine comes, he is need and takes a job feeding pigs. He starts to long to eat the slop of the pigs because he had nothing. He decides to go home and beg his father to let him be a servant.

Meanwhile Dad is at home, watching for His son. He sees him along way off and goes running to his son. He embraces him and kisses him. The son begs for forgiveness and to be made a servant. But Dad tells the servant to prepare a party to celebrate His sons return. He has the best of the best prepared to celebrate.

(Interestingly he didn't say anything to his son. I never noticed that before.)

I have been thinking about someone lately who I think may soon be headed to that pig sty stage or may already be there. I feel pressed upon to pray more than ever and I just feel the time is close. I really pray for the pig sty stage. I hate to see anyway go through it, but if it brings him to God then I pray it will be quick. I pray that he sees the slop as his need for God. I pray that he realizes he realizes he needs to go back to God. I pray that he realizes that He is the only answer. I pray he turns back towards Home.

The best part is that God is looking for him. He is watching for him and when He sees him still afar off He will run to him. He will embrace him and kiss him and welcome him home. He will listen to him ask for His forgiveness and He will respond by planning a celebration.

I am filled with joy just thinking about it. What a celebration it will be!

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