Monday, December 26, 2011

Why do I like Christmas?

Ask that question to the same person at different ages or stages of his or her life and I bet the answer would differ. I know it has for me. This year I know my answer was different than it's ever been before.

It wasn't about presents, although those are nice. It wasn't about family, although I love spending time with mine, and this year was so nice and relaxed and fun. It wasn't about food, although I love Christmas cooking and baking. It wasn't about the decorations, although this year was my first year in my house and I thoroughly enjoyed decorating it, inside and out. No, this year the answer is different.

I was thinking about the question on the morning of Christmas Eve. I thought, "how would I answer that questions?" A smile crossed my face and I knew the answer. "I love Christmas because it was the beginning of a plan to save the World. To save me."

That afternoon I went to church for the Christmas Eve service. I debated back and forth about even going. I had family coming and although almost everything was ready, I used that as an excuse for not going. Even though I would be home in plenty of time to finish up any last minute details. It was weird because whenever I struggle with something like going or not going somewhere it usually means satan is messing with me. I am, by nature, a homebody so give me a reason to stay home and I will take it. I realized this as one of those times when satan wanted me to just stay home. So I went.

Pastor Rob's message was not a traditional Christmas message and I love that. Did he mention Christmas? Yes! He said that the reason he loved Christmas so much is because it was the beginning of the rescue mission. I sat up a little straighter and I smiled. I knew that God was confirming my own thoughts of that very morning.

As for the message Pastor Rob spoke, it was a salvation message and quite a few people gave their lives to Christ during that service. Over 240 people in all the services combined. You see, for those people the rescue mission came to a climax that day. They were rescued and on Christmas, the day we remember as the beginning of the mission makes them somehow sweeter.

Isn't that a perfect reason to love Christmas!

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