Sunday, December 26, 2010

Honoring God

This is the final section of the first chapter. There is a personal Bible study at the end of each chapter, but that is just for me. :) In this section Lysa writes about how God asked her if she would honor him in the everyday, in the unpleasant tasks. I guess I tend to think it is easy to honor God in the great things, in the spiritual tasks. Not that we don't honor Him in those, but will I honor him when the dog eats to much and I have to clean up after her? Will I honor Him when I need to do the laundry, clean the bathroom, clean out the litter box? Will I honor Him when I have to attend another meeting? Will I honor Him when I am filling out paperwork? Will I honor Him by seeing that these things are necessary? Not just mundane, but necessary.

Lysa states that when she decided to honor Him she was ready to step out into ministry. She declared in her heart that she was a woman in ministry, dedicated to serving Him, and started watching for His invitation to join Him. She didn't say that she took any reckless steps, she didn't try to make anything happen. She declared, dedicated, and waited. Oh, how I do not like to wait!  But she didn't just sit around either. She spent time with God; chose to have a good attitude when she could have reacted badly; and served others. In doing this she was honoring God.

It is hard to wait. It is hard to not snap at the person who is rude to you. Well, I'm passive aggressive so snapping at someone isn't what I usually do, although I can't say I don't want to. It's hard not to get an idea and run with it. But I want to walk in faith. I want to have the God breathed dream fulfilled. So I must honor Him. I can't just decide that I'm going to honor Him and that's it. No, it takes a daily commitment to honor Him, sometimes a multiple times a day commitment. I do fall short, but He knows I will. I ask Him to forgive, He does and then I commit again.

Lysa finishes the chapter with, "Keep being obedient, keep looking for the next open door of opportunity, and above all else hold closely to our Lord." I can't say it better than that!

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