Friday, December 31, 2010

God Has a Plan

"I must always keep this in mind because, for some reason, God doesn't seem to want to do things my way or in a time frame that I would choose. So to leave some things behind, we need to learn that God has a plan and to trust His plan" Lysa

Yup, that's it! God has a plan and it may not look like anything I can think up. I think about Abraham and how God told him that he'd be the father of many nations, but Abraham couldn't picture it. It was impossible! he was old, I mean OLD, and so was his wife Sarah. How in the world were they going to have a child to start this whole father of many nations thing?

Have you ever been there? Oh I have! I think the more impossible, the more improbable the more you have to trust God. It seems to me that every day the dream God has given me becomes more and more impossible. But I need to be careful to not try to make it happen it my way and in my own timing. Abraham did! The nice thing is that he was called God's friend, he messed up by trying to make the plan happen in his own strength. But of course God still used it because Ishmael did father a nation of his own.

A couple of other great points from this chapter.
Lysa talked about holding onto things like a security blanket. I really got excited when I read that part, because I blogged about it before I read that part.
People don't like fake perfection. I have tried to look, act, even believe that I have it altogether when I so don't. I need to remember that I do not need to act like anything except what really is.
I need to thank God in advance of what is to come. I need to believe, chose to embrace, leave behind what needs to be left behind, and TRUST God.
I must leave something in order to move ahead.
Sometimes God shatters my perception of what I thought was going to happen. That's okay!
God does have a plan. Not just a good plan, not even a really good plan, but His plan is perfect!

The chapter ends with "Are you ready to venture to your own unique and exciting places? Commit to leave your agenda behind, take God's hand, and hold on tight...the journey has just begun." Lysa. Oh I am so excited!!!

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