Saturday, January 1, 2011

Loving God More than My Dream

First off, yesterday I blogged about all of chapter 3, and I don't think I did it justice. So back to blogging about sections of the chapters.

Second, last night I was feeling sad and wanted to just curl up in bed and go to sleep, but I decided that would read another chapter of this book and do the personal Bible study section. It was exactly what I needed to do. The chapter was "God Is with You". I so needed it! I am always amazed at the timing of the Lord! Instead of going to bed sad I went to bed thankful and praying.

Okay, now on the first section of chapter 4 Loving God More than My Dream. This chapter wraps up the leaving section of this book and gives a preview of the other sections: famine, believing, death, and resurrection.

Leaving. The Hebrews had to learn over and over again to leave things behind. I know sometimes we look down on the Israelites and think they just didn't get it. Ummm, not sure about you but I know that I've gone around the same mountain time and time again, so I must be as thickheaded as they were. God calls us to leave and we must choose to leave. But we don't always choose to do that quickly, sadly sometimes never at all.

Lysa writes, "Our thoughts about how God wants to use us are much too small. That is why we hesitate to leave our old ways behind." Once again, we have to choose to leave. I don't know about you,  but I want to enter into the promised land God has been calling me to. I know that means leaving behind the old, fighting some giants, and possessing the land. I also know it flows with milk and honey. I once heard that meant that it was a prosperous land, natural prosperous. A place where livestock would have plenty of grass for grazing and plants would grow. Sounds like a nice place to me.

Lysa also mentions 3 questions to ask to see if what you believe you are being called truly is from God:
*does it line up with the Word?
* will it cause me to be more like Christ?
* do I have a peace in my heart when I pray about it?

So, it's time to leave the leaving section of this book. On to learning about the preview of the other sections of this book. The first being famine. Sounds like fun doesn't it?!

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