Friday, January 14, 2011

Faith in the Famine

Last night I went to bed to tears, had a bad dream, and woke up drained and teary. Did anything happen? No! Nothing, but sometimes the waiting, wondering, and other people good news can wear on me. I want to be genuinely happy when I hear those good news, but they just seem to be reminders that I am still waiting! I thought maybe I could blog about a section of the book and it would help. So I'm going to try.

"An Adventure Our Souls Were Made For" is the first chapter in the famine section. Lysa writes that the more we believe in the truths God calls us to believe....okay stopping right there and admitting that right now I am having trouble believing those truths. She continues with we will take chances and press through the pain of the famine. That I totally get! The pain! I am trying to keep God in mind and find comfort in Him. "Yet most of us sit in the dust of famine and cry out for comfort and security." That I really get!

But the next thing she writes I definitely do not want to do. She write that sometimes we go back to the mud puddles we left behind rather than move forward to the sweet water ahead. I so do not want to do that. I know it's okay to have feelings and to cry out to God. I think of the Psalms when I start to think otherwise. But I do NOT want to turn back to mud puddles! I want to push through. I want to experience God and all He has promised. I might have to go through the famine times, but I want the deep desire for God that dwells in me to continue to call and to keep moving towards Him.

Lysa ends this section with, "Sadly, I think about the multitude of Christians who have decided they'd rather be comfortable and play games than get on with the adventure our souls were made for- living a life that requires faith." I want to be the Christian who gets on with that faith adventure!

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