Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Wineskins and Moving Mountains

"We must expand our vision." Lysa

My vision is limited only to what I know or what I think I know. I only see what is right in front of me, which sometimes is a huge mountain with no apparent path around it. Interestingly at these times I also seem to fail to have hindsight. I seem to forget about the Lord has already brought me around mountains before, out of pits, and around stumbling blocks. But He has! And He will! I need to continue to stop seeing with my limited sight and trust in the Lord. I need to give myself to Him and let Him lead.

But regardless of how He has brought me through before or what I thought worked. I can't rely on the old. God wants to do something new. Lysa writes about the difference between old and new wineskins. Old wineskins become hard and set and if you pour new wine into them they would break. I can't hold on to the old. I mean it's hard and will crumble. Why would I want that? Yet, I hold on because it is what I am used to. But I don't want same old same old. I want more of God! I want the new He has in store for me. I need to change my old ways of thinking. I want to continue on the adventure with God!

As for those mountains, the Word tells us that if we have faith the size of a mustard seed we can tell a mountain to move and it will. Lysa writes that sometimes the mountain doesn't move all at once. She writes that sometimes it takes greater faith to move it bit by bit. Sometimes God's miracles seem instant and sometimes they are part of a process. Either way is still a miracle, but it takes increasing faith to wait as the mountain moves a piece at a time.

I know that the times when the mountain is moved piece by piece the doubt can be strong. It may take a long time to even see a dent in that mountain. We are too close to it, we spend too much time just looking at it. God wants our eyes on Him. We can pick up a rock and turn our eyes on Jesus as He helps us move it out of the way. Lysa says to ask God, daily, "what is my assignment today?" I need to trust Him and know that He is taking me through the famine stage and deeper in Him. I know that each rock moved, each step taken, brings me closer to God and all His promises, even the dream that He birthed in me.

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