Friday, January 28, 2011

Refusing to Get Bogged Down in Bitterness

"I must caution you not to get bogged down in bitterness during this famine phase. This is a season of learning to depend on God. As a result, things will be stripped from you that hinder the relationship He wants to have with you." Lysa

This chapter 8 of What Happens When Women Walk in Faith. It is the final chapter in the famine phase.

When I think about the above quote I think of the times when God took away the old things, some good and some not so good. I can remember a time when I cried out to God that I didn't think I could stand having one for things stripped from me. It was right after my Fluffy had to be put to sleep. I had my not-so-sweet kitty for 16 years and without her I was living all alone in a state far from any family or friends. I was lonely and couldn't imagine why God was taking things from me.

I'd like that every time He strips away I handled it well. I can say that recently I noticed some small, really small, things being taken away. I actually smiled with the thought of "out with the old and in with the new". I so much desire what God has to do with me, through me, for me. I realize that means letting go of the things that can't go into a new phases with me. It's easy to let go of the little things, the stuff, not so sure I'll feel say easy about giving away the big, important, special things.

When it isn't as easy to give something or even someone up bitterness is waiting for the opening. The opening in my mind so it can take over my thoughts. The opening in my heart so it can taint everything with it's ugliness and just take hold. I can remember my Mom telling me not to get bitter years ago. Funny, I have no idea what the situation was but I do remember her telling me. At the time it bugged me, but I soon realized I was letting bitterness take hold.

God does everything for our good, even if it's years before we see the good. If I am trusting in Him then there is no room for the bitterness. It will still look for the opening but I want the door to shut, tight, on it. The next section of the book discusses Joseph and how he could have been bitter with all the happened to him, all that was stripped from him. I'll write about that next time, but he is the one I think about when bitterness tries to invade. I think if he could suffer all he did and not become bitter then I should be able to with the not nearly so bad things that happen to me.

I want to finish this post with this from the book, "This time of loss will lead to a time of great celebration one day." Oh, how I look forward to that great celebration!

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