Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Life that Requires Faith

"A life that requires very little faith is not a life that God will use." Lysa

Well, I want God and I want Him to use me so I guess I want a life that requires faith. But I can honestly say it isn't easy! It seems that a life that requires faith is one that has twists and turns and a lot of unknowns. I guess if it was a straight path with complete clarity it wouldn't require any faith at all!

"Through the messy and unpredictable everyday events that often stumble us, we become aware of our desperate need for God." Lysa

I am so glad that God is there in the mess. I am so glad He is in the everyday events whether predictable or not. Honestly it doesn't always feel like He is. Some of those messes that I make for myself, I can't believe that He is there with me. Doesn't He shake His head and say, "she's never going to get it. Why am I wasting my time on her?" I am so glad that isn't God at all. But it is satan. He has no problem telling me that God wants nothing to do with me. That I brought this upon myself and I have to suffer because of it. But of course, God is there and satan is a liar.

I think that satan loves the famine stage. I think he thinks that maybe I will give up in the famine. That I will not be able to have the faith to focus on what is ahead, the promises of God. I am sure that many a person has done that. They have stopped in the famine and satan rejoices. I do not want to stop in the famine. I want to move closer to God, to become more like Him, to live the abundant life He promises. I want to see my God-given dream fulfilled. And I do not want satan to have any sense of victory from my life.

I can't get through the famine just because I want to. I can't get through because of willpower or strength of my own. The only way through is to surrender my heart to God, pray for His plans to be revealed, and continue to walk in the path He has set before me.

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Kim said... I hope this link works. See January 14, 2011. I found it encouraging and goes right along with this book.