Monday, December 27, 2010

A Line in the Sand

"You see, looking behind you and ahead of you at the same time is impossible." Lysa TerKeurst

That line hit me hard when I read the first section of chapter 2 "A Line in the Sand". God doesn't call us to hold on and bring it along as we grow, actually we probably wouldn't actually grow. He expects us to let go of the comfort blankets in our lives and grow up. Sometimes those comfort blankets are good things and sometimes they aren't. The comfort blanket can be the wall that we have built up. I know that I am a master brick layer. I have built and even rebuilt walls in my life. But it's time to stop looking back at those walls, I can't see anything through them anyway. It is time to move forward, let go, leave behind, and step out.

Lysa also says that we need to leave our past behind, draw that line in the sand, and go forward. Forward with God! Like I said before, stop looking back and not only looking back but falling back. I don't just look back, but sometimes I fall back to that wall. Oh, and if I see that a hole has been made in the wall, either by me or by God, I will try to fill it back in. But I don't want to do that anymore!

"Leaving is usually an act of obedience and not a desire of the heart. It is hard. It causes you to step outside of your comfort zone and enter a life that requires faith." Lysa. My heart desires to move on but desiring is not enough. I need to take the steps to get outside my comfort zone and move forward with God, in faith.

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