Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Learning to Lead

First off, I added Geoffrey Janes blog to my blog list below. Please check it out and see how much God is working through this man, his family, and Garren. I am amazed at their faith and trust and God's amazing work!

This is the last chapter of the believing phase. Not so sure I'm looking forward to the next phase, death, sounds like fun! Honestly, this chapter was a surprise to me. I don't see myself as a leader. Now I'm a bit of a rebel so I'm not usually a follower either. I'm a teacher so I guess being a leader comes with the job, but other than that I'm not so sure. Then I read this chapter and it certainly made me think.

Lysa wrote about Moses and how God turned him into a leader. Although his position as Pharaoh's daughter would have given him a place of power, maybe even leadership it wasn't in that position that he lead. I'm not sure he ever wanted to even then. We certainly know that he didn't want to do it when God told him he was going back to Egypt to lead His people out.

Moses gave God all the reasons why he wasn't qualified. I know I do that. I am not a speaker. I mean I have no trouble talk in front of children, but adults, that's a whole other story. I'm not saying He's calling me to do that, but I even have trouble talking in front of a small group, even just one person. Which lately I have found kind a sad. When I was a kid, and it was okay to write stuff like this, my teachers said all these nice things about me and would end it with "but talks too much." I wonder now if satan knew God had something for me to say and even as a child he tried to shut me up. Well, if God does have something for me to say I better get more in tune with Him. I digress.

I like how Lysa wrote it, "Moses learned to be a good leader by walking in obedience to God. Moses developed into a great leader by being consistent enough with his habits of obedience that they became the natural reactions of his heart. The way to be a good leader is for your actions to be reflective of God reigning inside you. But to be a great leader is for your reactions to be reflective of God reigning inside you."

I am not sure I want to lead, I mean Moses had a lot of headaches leading the Israelites, but if I am to be a leader I want to be a great one. I want to react in a way that shows God reigning in me. But the point of the believing phase is to getting me to a spot where I can deny how real God is.

Now, on to the death phase, yippee!

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