Sunday, March 20, 2011

Every Promise Fufilled

Last chapter of the book. :C Kind a sad. I always hate to see a book end. Well actually, I usually hate seeing fiction books end. I want the sequel to the book, even if it is the last book in series. I don't usually feel the same way at the end of a nonfiction book, but this one is different. Maybe it's the fact that I blogged about it, my first book to blog about. Maybe it's because I learned so much from this book. Maybe it's because it ended with me wanting to be more like Joshua and not so much like Moses.

Lysa writes about the differences between how Moses and Joshua handled the promises of the Promised Land. Like Lysa, I have always admired Joshua. I love the book of Joshua. I love that he just heard from God and did it. He did it! That is what I want. I want to just do it! I want to walk up those giants in my life and defeat them. I want to take possession of the promises God has made to me. To live in the inheritance God has for me. To hear from God and obey. I hear from Him clearly because I live in Him.

Okay, the differences between Moses and Joshua. Moses told God why he wasn't the one to do the work. Joshua just did it. Moses looked at his faults. Joshua looked at the faithfulness of God. Moses cried out to God at the Red Sea and God told him to cross over on dry land. Joshua was instructed by God to have the priests step into the Jordan and it dried up. Moses needed to see the dry land. Joshua wasn't afraid to step into the impossibleness of a running river becoming dry land. Moses heard about the giants in the land from the spies and focused on the reaction of the people and Joshua, who saw the giants, said "let's go! We can take them!". And of course, Moses didn't get to go into the land and Joshua not only went in, kicked the giants around, and possessed the land.

Oh, I see too much of Moses in me. Even right now as I think about going in like Joshua and taking the land of the promise of God my mind is racing with why nots.

Lysa mentions that word possess means (1) to have as belonging to one, to own; (2) to have as an attribute, quality; (3) to gain control over. (From Webster's New World Dictionary). Then she wrote how we go through these as steps. First we must learn to take hold of the promises of God. Then we must let God shape us, our character, too be redefined. Last we give God control over our lives. I hope that as I move through the steps of faith I get to the point where I give God complete control of my life.

So, I am thinking that I need to quiet myself and listen to God, like Joshua clearly did, and then move and take possession of my Promised Land!

Now to decided what to read an blog about next. Any ideas?

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