Thursday, March 31, 2011

Joshua 5

Okay, so this is an interesting chapter, especially for a girl to write about but here goes. The chapter starts with how the Amorite kings and the Canaanite kings heard about how God stopped the Jordan River and the Israelites had crossed over. It says their hearts sank and they were drained of courage just thinking about the People of God.

First, that is how our enemies, demons, should feel about the People of God today. They should lose heart and realize that the power of God is in us and they will be defeated. I think ultimately, deep down in their devil hearts they know they are defeated. BUT the People of God don't act like it so why should they? I know that I have spent more time cowering from the enemy then standing in the strength of the Lord and declaring His victory over them. The interesting thing is the Israelites didn't really do anything that should make the enemy fear them. What they did do was listen and obey. Yup, that simple! Oh, if I could just do that I know the enemy would lose heart and be drained of courage.

Second, is the bizarre timing of the circumcision. That is the best part to me, not the circumcision, but the timing. They cross over into enemy territory and God says circumcise everyone. Not sure if Joshua raised an eyebrow or not because the Bible just says that he did it. I would have, no I take that back I have. God leads me into the Promised Land, the enemy is disheartened to know I'm there because of the power of God, and He decides now is the time to circumcise something from my life. But God that leaves me defenseless!

Remember how Jacob's sons trick the guy who raped their sister, into getting circumcised? Then they went in while he and his men were healing and they killed them? Exactly! If the Ammorites and Canaanites knew that was the condition of the Israelites they could have wiped them out! When God decides to circumcise things from my life I am left vulnerable, but the enemy doesn't attack. But that doesn't seem to be how God works. He knows I am completely vulnerable. He knows an assault will likely take me out. But once I have healed from His cutting that thing out on my life then I am stronger in Him. Then the assault may come but God has prepared me for it.

Well, the Ammorites and Canaanites didn't attack. They were either too scared of God or didn't know about theIsraelites' condition. I doubt they didn't know about it. I mean how did they know about the Jordan River? Someone told them. Someone is watching the Israelites, maybe lots of someones. I am sure there were someones who lived in Gilgal who had fled from the Israelites. I'm sure the land there was good for camping. It obviously had a good food source since they started eating the food of the land and God no longer provided the manna. I'm sure they knew, so that means they didn't attack because of their fear of the God of the Israelites. The same God who won't let the enemy attack us except in His perfect timing.

So I must be willing to listen, obey, cross into the Promised Land, and obey when God says to cut something out of my life. He has already prepared the way and He knows the enemy will not be able to attack. I just have to trust Him.

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