Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Joshua 2

Joshua sends spies into the land, secretly. Secretly. I think about the fact that Joshua was one of the original spies that Moses sent into Canaan. He saw the giants and he said that they could take them. Now it's his turn to be the leader and he sends in spies. Secretly.

I wonder two different things about the secret spies. First, I wonder if he sent them secretly because he didn't want the people to know the information that they would bring back. I imagine back when Moses sent the spies everyone knew about it. Everyone waited for their return and what they would say. I wonder if Joshua sent them secretly to avoid the same thing happening again.

Secondly, I wonder if he's a lot like me. I wonder if he heard God's promises, starting over-thinking, and set out feelers to see what would happen. So guilty of that! I mean, he had been in the land. Yes, it was 40 years ago, but he had been the one who said "let's roll!" Was this a lack of faith moment for Joshua?

Like I said, I think a thing to death! I know God has spoken to me and initially I am gunho. Then I start to think. I start to play out scenarios in my mind. I start deciding what they other person/people are thinking. I start planning their responses and mine. I get it so twisted and then the fear sets in and I don't move. I don't move! I sit along the Jordan, watching my promise land and wishing I was in it.

Yesterday I put words to something I thought God was asking me to do. I told someone else. She listened and didn't respond with, "are you nuts! You are so not able to do that." Today, sick at home with a stomach bug (ohs for me are allowed), I have had plenty of time to think. I am have almost talked myself back out of it. Then I decided to stop listening to me and focus on God. I talked to Him instead.

Then I started telling Him about a few other faith steps that I want to make and how I need to hear Him instead of my thoughts or the devils words. I have been sitting looking at those promise lands for awhile now. That made a huge difference. Putting the focus off of me and onto Him always does. Then I opened up my Bible and read Joshua 2. I thought what will I blog about. I planned to mention the spies and talk about Rahab, but I guess I needed to focus on the spies.

The funny things about Joshua's secret spies, is they came back and said, "the land is ours!"

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