Saturday, March 12, 2011

God Brings Dreams to Life

I have kind of put off reading the last two chapters of this. I have enjoyed it and don't want it to be done. I also wonder what I will read next and if it'll be as good as this book has been. I am sure that book will be as good, but I wonder if what I have to say about it will be anything worth writing. Another reason is because once it is done I have no excuse not to put it into action. That makes me weak in the knees. Anyway on to the chapter.

This was a short chapter and the same thing ran through it. It's not about the journey, the phases, or even reaching the promise land. It's about experiencing and growing in Go along the way. When I finished reading this chapter I had to pray and thank God that I have experienced Him. I thanked Him that I have grown because of Him. I think of things that caused such fear in me just a few years ago and now I can do them.

I am an introvert. Going some place on my own is scary, especially if I won't know anyone when I get there. Now I have not become and extrovert but I can go on my own. I don't necessarily like it, but I can do it. That is all God!

I used to be scared of having emotions. I didn't like feeling, especially the sad and angry feelings, but now I can at least have them without feeling like they are bad. I also am learning to not rely on them. There is nothing wrong with having emotions, God made them, but they can't control me. I think that is part of the reason why I didn't like feeling them, because I didn't want to be controlled by them.

Lysa also mentions that she has run ahead of God, made suggestions to Him, manipulated situations, and got upset when the shortcuts didn't work. How often have I done that? I am sure more times than I have even realized. The best thing about realizing that I've tried a shortcut around God is that I can come to Him and ask for His forgiveness and He gives it! Also, I hope that I've learned from when I did try shortcuts and I can see them for what they are before I let them take over. I wish that happened every time, but I have learned from some of the times that I have.

Lysa also reminds us that the Hebrews 11 people of faith are not listed there because they lead perfect lives, but because they believed God and who He said He is. They trusted in Him. I know I may never be listed in any great people of faith list, but I hope that I will be a woman who believes God and who He says He is and trust in Him.

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